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Yetiman Issue 3
Yetiman Issue One
Issue two

Remember to keep reading Yetiman, and you can buy it as soon as I start selling it, or you can give me fifty cents an issue if you go to my school at Walnut Hills.  If its Jack, then I'll get you an original copy soon, and if its Will, sup.

  1. Issue one-Yetiman gets hit by a car!
  2. Issue two- Yetiman beats Osama Bin Laden in a nuclear brawl!
  3. Issue three-Yetiman battles with the hulk!
  4. Issue four-Yetiman fights the guy with a sword, and begins his rivalry with evil guy!
  5. Issue five-Yetiman meets evil guy after narrowly missing his death lasers!
  6. Issue six-Evil guy begins to use the punching machine to take on Yetiman!
  7. Issue seven-Yetiman faces off with supercool minion and learns bullettime powers!
  8. Issue eight-THE BEGINNING OF THE END, when Yetiman finally defeats evil guy!


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